There’s only one way to plan a Bucks Party in Sydney, and that’s the right way…

Pubtrek Happy Daze and City Nights was established in 1989 and is without a doubt Sydney’s most trusted and best value Party Bus Package company around.

With a wide variety of package options including the likes of Sydney Party Bus Tours,  Sydney Party Harbour Cruises, Pub Crawls, Night Club Tours and your choice of Sydney’s most exclusive and erotic table dancing clubs, Pubtrek is hands down the ultimate party experience, where you always get BANG for your “BUCK”!

However, recently with joint efforts from all the Bucks Party deals that Sydney has to offer, the sister business to Pubtrek, FastLane Karting,  now has available to you, the Man Cave Party Package.
There is no better Bucks Party combination than pizza, booze and boobs…

Until now.

There is no better Bucks Party combination than pizza, booze, boobs AND Go karting!

Have I peaked your interest? Take your pick (this is indeed the hardest part) from our package options…

137748393363308Man Cave Bucks Party Package at $100 per person includes:




– A Flag Girls to host your event
Go Karting Licences
10 lap qualifier and a 12 lap final
Trophies for the winners
Exclusive reserved area with a pumping sound system and front row view of the track
Trophy presentation and podium photos for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
Pizza Lunch, fresh from Pizza Hut
Pool Table Comps and Prizes
Arcade Challenges – air hockey, driving, shooting and table soccer
Private onsite Party Bus where you can drink, with an iced esky, dance pole, seating, smoke machine and disco lights

Pubtrek[3]Happy Daze Party Package at $110 per person includes:



– Party Bus, exclusive to your group only
– Pick up from a destination of your choice, to which you will return again at the end of the night
Your personal Tour Guide/Social Photographer to coordinate the tour and take photos
VIP Door Entry – No queues, no added costs
Your choice of up to 4 venues
Lunch or Dinner, with reserved seating
Ipod Connectivity for the music system


CALL 1300 PARTY ON to get BANG for your Bucks Party now.


Bucks Parties

for the best night out!

, the proud winner of several industry awards for Excellence in Tourism, has got you covered!
Happy Daze packages are all you need to ensure your mates have a night they’ll be talking about for months to come.

Picture this…

Getting together with all your mates, old and new, setting a sweet playlist and cruising through Sydney in your own personal Party Bus in a party tour package,  complete with lights and a dance floor, cracking open a few cold ones and making the most of the experience. Socializing amongst the group is a Tour Guide, appointed personally, who takes photos of you and all your antics, organizes a great pub feed and ensures all entry into a selection of Sydney’s best bucks party venues on the day/night of the event, and finally when you’ve trekked yourself out, the Party Bus will drop the group off to your return destination, hassle (and cab fare) free!

But hey, it gets better! Add-ons such as Paintball, Barefoot Bowls or FastLane Karting, among many, are available to you for an even more action-packed experience as you battle, bowl or race your mates for the best of bragging rights!

Following these activities, everyone will be satisfied and looking forward to the next length of the journey, which lays at your choice of Sydney’s best Table Dancing clubs: Dancers Cabaret, Pure Platinum or the ever-popular Men’s Gallery, where your entry is all accounted for by your Tour Guide.
If you want to include dinner and a steamy show, as opposed to general admission into the club, the opportunity to upgrade a Standard package to an Upmarket Package is also an option to you.

PubTrek – The best in the business!



The Ultimate Bucks Party in Sydney

The Ultimate Bucks Party in Sydney

Welcome 2014! And what a good year it is to be a Buck in Sydney.

Typing in “Bucks Party Sydney” into Google will start the ball rowling for you as you start preparing the perfect party for you or your mate for his Bucks Party. Firstly, don’t just go with a great website with plenty of photo’s – these can be deceiving. Many companies look good, sell you the “Perfect Package” then take your money and don’t provide you the service you were sold. You need to do your research and read up on the company you are interested in to make sure they are a reputable company with honest feedback. Talk to them and ask the right questions to get the information you require. don’t just rely on emailing.

Pubtrek has and still is the oldest and best Bucks Party organizer is Sydney. We have the longevity and the knowledge to know how to run the “Perfect Bucks Party”. We are confident with our products and have the feedback from thousands of Bucks that have already been on a Pubcrawl with Pubtrek Party On the Bus.

There are plenty of Party Packages to choose from and events this year in Sydney to offer any type of Buck. Below are just some examples;


We offer another awesome package for smaller groups of 10 or more. This package is the famous Man Cave held at Fastlane Karting. For more information click the links above!

You can’t go wrong with any of Pubtrek’s legendary packages. With no hassle, and no fuss you have to book with Party on the Bus.




‘Tis the season to run a muck!

A weary Santa the morning after an all-night pub crawl.


Finally, the sun is coming out and the long year is coming to an end. The holidays are looming ahead and your choices on what to do are endless!


Here at Pubtrek, we have our Party Planning Experts ready and waiting to cut you a great deal on Party Buses and Christmas Party Packages.

Whether it be for corporate purposes or simply an unforgettable night out to celebrate this jolly season, we’ll have you covered!

Get a group of your rowdiest mates together and indulge in our Happy Daze Package, which includes transport to and from the venues of your choice, lunch or dinner, an Ipod friendly stereo and your own Tour Guide to get the party started and take photos throughout the trip!
If you’re feeling adventurous, add Jet boating, Paintball,  or Go Karting to the package for a small fee, or choose from our long list of Add-Ons.



So you’re the Best Man..

Bucks Party Sydney - PubtrekTraditionally, the best man and friends of the groom have been given the rather large and sometimes stressful responsibility of planning ‘The Bucks Party’. There are many (many many many) things to consider when planning the ultimate bucks party, but the first and foremost is: ‘what does the groom to be want to get out of his bucks party?’ Does it simply represent his last night of freedom or is it something more? Here at Party On The Bus, we believe that while beer & boobs are important elements of the Bucks Party, it is also an event that can make or break the friendships among the boys that are crucial in ensuring that everyone, especially the bride and groom have a great time on the big day, so it is extremely important that you (the best man) get it right. We can help.

Bucks party’s are often made up of a variety of different guys from different sides of the family at all different ages. A successful Bucks Party is effective in incorporating the right balance of entertainment and fun for all different tastes and age groups as well as many opportunities for bromance to blossom. However, this is not an easy task. That’s where we come to the rescue. Party On The Bus has a range of Pubtrek products and packages that cater specifically to boys and bucks parties as a whole, assisting in every area of planning and executing the perfect bucks party, from writing the guest list, choosing venues, transport, dining, activities, entertainment, and and even photos so that regardless of the level of alcohol consumption, your perfect bucks party will never be forgotten.

Here are some Dos & Dont’s to consider when planning a Bucks Party..


  • Your research. Find an event planner from a reputable company, that has experience in Bucks Party’s.
  • Start brainstorming & book early as spring wedding season is bucks parties galore for most companies in the industry.
  • Invite the right friends and family to ensure a fun and friendly night out.


  • Leave it to the last minute.
  • Take on too much responsibility. Get the help of experts so you can enjoy yourself too!
  • Book through an agent – Go directly to the source. You will always pay less and get a better service.

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