The Ultimate Bucks Party in Sydney

The Ultimate Bucks Party in Sydney

Welcome 2014! And what a good year it is to be a Buck in Sydney.

Typing in “Bucks Party Sydney” into Google will start the ball rowling for you as you start preparing the perfect party for you or your mate for his Bucks Party. Firstly, don’t just go with a great website with plenty of photo’s – these can be deceiving. Many companies look good, sell you the “Perfect Package” then take your money and don’t provide you the service you were sold. You need to do your research and read up on the company you are interested in to make sure they are a reputable company with honest feedback. Talk to them and ask the right questions to get the information you require. don’t just rely on emailing.

Pubtrek has and still is the oldest and best Bucks Party organizer is Sydney. We have the longevity and the knowledge to know how to run the “Perfect Bucks Party”. We are confident with our products and have the feedback from thousands of Bucks that have already been on a Pubcrawl with Pubtrek Party On the Bus.

There are plenty of Party Packages to choose from and events this year in Sydney to offer any type of Buck. Below are just some examples;


We offer another awesome package for smaller groups of 10 or more. This package is the famous Man Cave held at Fastlane Karting. For more information click the links above!

You can’t go wrong with any of Pubtrek’s legendary packages. With no hassle, and no fuss you have to book with Party on the Bus.