So you’re the Best Man..

Bucks Party Sydney - PubtrekTraditionally, the best man and friends of the groom have been given the rather large and sometimes stressful responsibility of planning ‘The Bucks Party’. There are many (many many many) things to consider when planning the ultimate bucks party, but the first and foremost is: ‘what does the groom to be want to get out of his bucks party?’ Does it simply represent his last night of freedom or is it something more? Here at Party On The Bus, we believe that while beer & boobs are important elements of the Bucks Party, it is also an event that can make or break the friendships among the boys that are crucial in ensuring that everyone, especially the bride and groom have a great time on the big day, so it is extremely important that you (the best man) get it right. We can help.

Bucks party’s are often made up of a variety of different guys from different sides of the family at all different ages. A successful Bucks Party is effective in incorporating the right balance of entertainment and fun for all different tastes and age groups as well as many opportunities for bromance to blossom. However, this is not an easy task. That’s where we come to the rescue. Party On The Bus has a range of Pubtrek products and packages that cater specifically to boys and bucks parties as a whole, assisting in every area of planning and executing the perfect bucks party, from writing the guest list, choosing venues, transport, dining, activities, entertainment, and and even photos so that regardless of the level of alcohol consumption, your perfect bucks party will never be forgotten.

Here are some Dos & Dont’s to consider when planning a Bucks Party..


  • Your research. Find an event planner from a reputable company, that has experience in Bucks Party’s.
  • Start brainstorming & book early as spring wedding season is bucks parties galore for most companies in the industry.
  • Invite the right friends and family to ensure a fun and friendly night out.


  • Leave it to the last minute.
  • Take on too much responsibility. Get the help of experts so you can enjoy yourself too!
  • Book through an agent – Go directly to the source. You will always pay less and get a better service.

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