Your time to shine!

So you are the best man!
Plenty of responsibility placed on you! The most important job you have is to pull off the best bucks party ever. So, what do you think is the best bucks party ever? The old days it was all about getting the bucks pissed, laid and bruised as a last night of freedom before the wedding. Current times see a much better celebration made of the boys get together where it all about building a family and making some good relationships stick prior to the wedding.
Some things to consider:
1) The wedding. Who is coming? Who do you want to meet and connect. After all, the wedding is all about family and friends right? It’s not about shaving eye brows, getting pissed and spewing on each other. Or is it?
2) The Buck. What does he want out of it. Probably heaps of good pics and memories of the most important people in his life. Not some randoms invited to the bucks party just to make up the numbers.
3) The activities. When sorting a bucks party you might want to think about what brings the boys together and what makes them enjoy each others company. Something that they all can take part in. Remember, the buck is marrying the most important girl in his life. Do you think he wants to catch aids off a dirty hooker or play with somebody’s dildos?!

4) Where to take it.Well, that’s probably the most difficult thing there is. After years of total stuff ups when it comes to entertaining the boys

Karting is a great activity to get the blood pumping before the drinking begins!

with grog, girls, and activities there have been many best men that have totally stuffed it up. Most venues around town will simply not deal with groups any larger than 4 blokes. And if you do happen to jag a booking then just remember responsible service which means if you are seen to be having fun as a bucks party then you must leave. Probably best not to look like a bucks party. So what do you do to make it a bucks party if you cant be seen to be one? Some guys try to make the buck look like a girl but that doesnt work.
5) Judgement day for you is the wedding. We call it judgement day for the best man. Just make sure that judgement day sees you looking like a star and not a starfish. If you don’t organise things just right and make it good for all ages to include activities, food, music, grog, bars, stylish adult entertainment, transport and atmosphere then you may as well spread your legs and fit up the dunce cap now.

You Guide should know heaps of games to play along the way!

6) Invitations and organising it. Where do you start? You have to make your decision based on what the buck wants out of it. If he wants his eye brows shaved and a big hickie on his neck then give him a gangster slap. It’s up to you and only you to decide on something to put to the boys. Make sure it fits with their budget and the date works for most. Also make sure that you have not forgotten the inlaws, brothers, uncles, dads, cousins, team mates, school mates and even work mates. Make sure that they can get back to with an RSVP. Facebook, email, sms is best because then you have it in writing. Reputable companies these days also help with getting your group together and also provide payment options so that you don’t have to go running around the country side collecting money. Remember most blokes will say yeah yeah till it’s time to pay up. Just let them know that you will be seeing them at the wedding and the buck really wants them there because to him the boys get together is secretly more important than the wedding. shhhh.. Don’t tell the any female that one.
7) Making it stick. When you pull off the most unbelievable best fun time ever you will want to prove it. Not only prove it but have something down that makes this gathering produce something that creates much more than just a hangover. Photos that are not incriminating that do include some of the best memories ever. Or maybe even a music video slide show to the buck favourite tunes. How mad would that be!!!!

These days anybody can build a website and call themselves a business. These “Agents” have no product of their own to sell and simply farm

While Beer and Boobs are essential, so is knowing where the best Steaks are!

off your booking to another company who actually has the tools to pull it off. Agents do not care about what happens after they have your money!. Watch out for agents when searching for the right activity. Go to the source and deal with them directly if you don’t want your night to go to crap.
Anyway, we are glad to be of service. Austrek Tours has delivered over 3000 bucks parties in its 20 years of specialising in them. If you need help then there are people that can help with any questions regarding bucks parties in Sydney.