On saturday Pubtrek hosted Terry’s Bucks on a Party Bus in Sydney!

Adam was their Partystarter for the day. His job was to make sure the boys were entertained 😉 take photos and deliver fun! He picked up the group from St Marys early on Saturday morning then headed straight to the Fastlane Karting (via McDonalds) pumping the classic rock on the stereo. The boys raced a Mini Grand Prix, Adam organised prizes for the Winner and the Fastest Lap.

The group enjoyed their meals at Raby Tavern and a few games of pool. Dean (the Boss) dropped in and got the boys started on a game of Pubtrek Pool. Basically, coins are stacked on a matchbox and each person takes turns to knock it over with plenty of fines the stack keeps growing!!! We then headed up to the Glenquarie Tavern and continued Pubtrek Pool. Adam also started a game of “Pubtrek Wheel of Fortune”. With this game everyone gets a number marked on the bus wheel and every time the bus stops the persons with the number on the bottom shouts the Buck shots! Awesome fun check out the pics!

The group was having such a good time at Glenquarie Tavern but more fun awaited. The group then got back on the bus and headed straightfor Sefton Playhouse again pumping some good Aussie Rock. Adam organised a double shower show and a few private shows for the boys!

The group had a blast, Adam Partystarter was playing a few games with Facebook checking into all the pubs and posting live pics of their party. Judging from the feedback on Facebook the group will be back soon to check out some of the other clubs and pubs Pubtrek has to offer.

Terry and the boys loved the Pubtrek Happy Daze package we put together for their Bucks party. CLICK HERE for Pubtrek to get your party started!